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Ain’t Nothing Wrong with Adding On!

Holiday Season

First and foremost, I’d like to a wish happy holidays to all our readers! May the holidays bring forth the best in all of us. Now, back to business. The holiday season has kind of slowed down my fashionista up-dates, so I’ve decided to give a couple of extra add-ons for the wintertime.

Lancier Dita 2009 Fall/Winter Eyewear

1) Sunglasses – Always practical and cool-looking (except at night, lol!), owning a nice pair of sunglasses is a great way to imagine yourself cruising the streets without necessarily seeing the 30 inches of snow on the sidewalk.

APC 2009 Winter Collection

2) Bleached Denim – This season, a little bleach on your denim won’t hurt. Just make sure that they’re dark as it offers a greater result.

Suspenders3) Suspenders – The sophisticated Urkel look works in my book, so why not share it with all of you?

APC F/W09 Accessories

4) Duffel Bags – Let’s steal Santa’s duffel bag and make it a trendy accessory for the wintertime. What better way to carry all these gifts?

Simon Carter WT 1600 Watch

5) Watches – Got to stay on time, right? Well that hand style has to be analog.

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