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A Star Studded Collection: Givenchy

There is a lot to be said when a heralded fashion house is able to come from obscurity to center stage; enter Riccardo Tisci. Givenchy (men’s at least) had been disregarded as one of the major’s in menswear until Tisci (current creative director) showed his S/S 10 collection filled with patterns, silky materials (including leggings and shorts!) and above all else studs.

I had really thought I once wrote about studs circa last summer, but realized it must have been in my head and never made it onto YK. Studs have always been a major statement for women, but starting last summer studs started appearing in many men’s line including Prada and Matthew Willamson for H&M. Obviously you can tell I have a knack for studs, from my previous post of the Christian Louboutin Freddy Flats, but I do think in moderation and appropriateness they can really pulled of well.

It is very difficult in Canada to see some of the major European designers creative pieces in-store, as our tastes seem to be more “conservative”. Luckily I was privy to seeing most of the Givenchy collection while I was in Japan. I remember searching high and low for the backpack, but with the price tag and the simple fact I no longer go to school, I thought it might be a stretch to walk around with a studded knapsack. I tried on both the t-shirt and hat and contemplated it, however I thought it would cause my bag to be overweight as they each felt like a suit of armor.  I hard first seen the plaid shirt on Kanye’s blog a while back, but after seeing it in person it gave me the feeling that this shirt should hang in a museum not on the rack.

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