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A Push for Petals

Y3 Floral Shoes

So Puxawhatevrhisname Phil saw his shadow, which means there are still another six glorious weeks of winter left. I decided to take a mental drift to a warm place to channel myself sitting on the beaches of Hawaii wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drinking out of a coconut with those nifty umbrellas. OK minus the Hawaiian shirt, but do you remember when they were fashionable many moons ago? I had two! Well…sadly for Uncle Jim Bob, they aren’t coming back any time soon, BUT floral/ditsy prints are everywhere this spring for men.

Pegleg NYC for Opening Ceremony

They come in a multitude of colors and lengths. I know I am really throwing out a Hail Mary by telling every guy to embrace floral prints, but it is definitely something I will try to add to my wardrobe.  It is a well-needed change from the safe plaid shirts we all have dozens of.

Liberty of London and Paul & Joe

Everyone, including Diesel, Liberty of London, Paul & Joe to Y-3 to Urban Outfitters (which officially means it’s a trend) are showing them. Of course, super trendy Opening Ceremony had shown them last year in some amazing prints. Unfortunately for me, they were all in SSBD (Short Sleeve Button Down). This season they collaborated with Funky Pegleg NYC to create some WHACKED OUT sweat suits.  Florals will be everywhere from shirts to shorts to shoes. The question remains whether or not this trend will GROW on you?

Magnum PI Hawaiin Shirt

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  1. Florals for men have been around for a long time. However, it takes a man with courage and self-confidence to wear them. I’ve even got floral pants. Perhaps it’s time to stamp out mediocrity and stand out as a unique individual?

  2. Well said!

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