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A Man’s Answer to ShopBop: Asos


When it comes to shopping, there are few places that guys like me can shop.  I want style and quality but don’t want to pay $375 for a plain sweater. I, as you know, have trained myself to become a sort of bargain hunter, or a “swap shopper” as I would like to call it. I see something that I like and may not be able to afford that particular piece but am able to find something so similar that nobody would notice the difference or consider it a knock off (a covert swap).  My tool of choice for shopping these days has definitely become the Internet. There is so much information at your fingertips that, if you research right, you can get what you are looking for. I discovered an E-tailer, Asos, which is similar to an online department store. Started in the UK in  2000, Asos aimed to attract 16 to 34 year old fashion forward customers and has evolved into a lifestyle brand carrying items for women, men, and kids in addition to beauty products. It’s like Topshop meets Revolve.

They have their own house collection, which is on par with Topman, while additionally carrying 100’s of mainstream and lesser-known brands from Daniele Alessandrini to the GAP (YUPPP). They are selling an oversized snood scarf for $13.60, where at AA it would be 3x the price. It’s unbelievable and has a lot to offer at some incredible prices. They do ship to North America, which is great. Many of the things I want usually come from Japan, so it is often the case that I cannot understand the site I’m visiting or cannot order the product. Recently, Asos showed its Spring 2010 men’s collection and it looks amazing. I highly recommend the site. CHECK IT OUT @

Asos Spring 2010

Asos Spring 2010

Unconditional Asos

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