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A JEANius new look

Levis Denim Short

Remember the days when capri’s were all the rage-even for men! Don’t worry they aren’t coming back but another staple of the 90’s is making a big splash in a new way this summer. DENIM SHORTS are back and shorter than ever (in a good way!). These aren’t your grandfather’s denim shorts sitting above the waist and falling below the ankle. I’m not talking short shorts, but rather hitting just above the knee.

DIY Denim Short

They are becoming as mainstream as can be; being sold at major retailers like H&M and Urban Outfitters. Even walking down trendy Robertson and Melrose, I photographed two guys in their own hand made versions (both worn very differently). The denim short can be dressed down with a colorful tank or t-shirt, or even dressed up with a button down shirt. Levi’s has made them in all different colors and washes.

DIY Denim Short

I had made my own pair from an old pair of black jeans that I stopped wearing back in August, and have actually been stopped countless times. It is a great way to give an old pair of jeans a new purpose.  You just want to make sure of two things; (1) They should be skinny or straight leg jeans (boot cut has no shape to them and they will look baggy) and (2) If you cut them, measure them to right above the kneecap (they shouldn’t be too long, but remember you can always make them shorter but never longer so measure wisely). If your too lazy, or a bad cutter like me, head on over to your nearest Urban Outfitters for a vintage pair by Levi’s.

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