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A flurry of flavors from the 50’s

Back in 1950’s, numerous individuals such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Sammie Davis Jr, and Cornell West had their dress code on point. It was a way of living, an ethical responsibility respected even if their pockets couldn’t afford it & it made swag look much better.

For Spring/Summer 2010, the look is back & it’s rather easy to follow. Some of the necessary steps to complete the look have already been covered by motorcycle jacket & the rolled up pants) add to it, a nice fedora or a flat cap, vintage sunglasses (preferably clubmasters from Ray Ban) & shoes can be switched from a pair of saddle shoes, loafers or deck shoes.

Once you’ve got everything put together, your swag will be at a hundred trillion and you’ll be smiling your way to up the fashion ladder. Cheers!

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