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7 shoes, 7 days, 7 options for a wonderful spring/summer 2010

Here are 7 shoes that I believe will get you through the spring/summer 2010 without any worries or wardrobe malfunctions.

1)    Boat shoes also known as “deck shoes”: similar to a loafer, but more casual.

2)   Espadrilles are casual flat usually made out of canvas.
3)    Vans “Authentic” is the shoe that has stayed true to its roots and has not changed since its 1966 origin. Now it has become a classic for any casual occasion.

4) Oxford shoes are traditionally constructed of leather with enclosed lacing, but may include some small ornamentation or perforations.

5) Desert boots was inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II. Timeless styling has remained unchanged for fifty years.

6) Canvas sneaker is a comfortable light, durable sole and ultimately self-ventilating construction.

7) Penny loafers are casual. They can be worn with jeans, khakis and other casual trousers, and with shorts.

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  1. HHP Konstantin V says:

    Boat shoes, but in white color really cool!

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