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Why Bell-Bottoms Shouldn’t Be at the Bottom of yourKloset

While doing a little spring-cleaning, my roommate asked me if she should chuck her flared jeans. She had been keeping them as a relic of her high school days. Now, I am all for keeping the closet trim and trendy but I told her to hang on to them. You never know when you need an extra pair of jeans. (In my case, it’s the day before laundry day when I have nothing else left to wear.) Soon, however, we found a better reason for keeping the jeans than limited clothing options: flares are back in style. Its been a hiatus of almost half a decade but I am glad to see them back.

It’s strange to think that in high school, they were the only choice for jeans. If you didn’t wear them, clearly there was something wrong with you. But until recently, if you wore flares in lieu of skinny jeans, it was sure sign of the impending laundry day. Now that I’ve dated myself with that trip down memory lane, let’s get back to the jeans.

As always with fashion, there’s a slight change in the jeans style to make it fresh for this season.  The flares are wider than the versions I remember in high school and they look super chic.  Check out these pics of flares being worn in NYC, Paris, and Milan from The Satorialist, as well as this bell bottomed look by Emily, from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere.  You’re bound to love them. I do!

So dust off those old flares if you’ve still got them. When you wear them, people will think you are in the know rather than you have run out of clothes..

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