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Victoria’s Secret PINK

So can I get a show of hands for the ladies who have granny panties and jogging pants syndrome? Now can I get a show of hands from the men that are sick of it?  Well Ladies and gents, suffer no more. I have a cure called Pink and the great news (for those of us in Alberta or Ontario) is we can walk right in. For those unfortunate others, never fear, ordering online works well too.

Back to the fix. Okay so, we all can’t be sexy all the time, right? WRONG. Pink, the lil sister of Victoria’s Secret, is the ultimate for lounge and sleepwear, giving you the best of both worlds. Thank you Victoria Secret for hearing the prayers of men and women everywhere. For me, comfy comes first and Pink gives you oodles of options  – anything from sexy boy shorts good for lounging around with your dude to sleepy time graphic tees with invites for a lil’ hanky spanky ;) . They have it all. New for the football season (whenever that is) are T and boxer gift sets of all NFL teams (Hint: Great gift idea). So no longer do u have to confine your girlfriend to the bedroom while you and your boys watch the game on Sunday. Allow your lady to show her loyalty to you by wearing your favorite team.

Burn your boyfriend’s old jogging pants  with the hole in the crotch and slip into something  more feminine they call the slouchy pant or the vintage flare in an array of colors that are sure to draw the attention away from the Seinfeld re-runs and left over chow mien and bring the spice back to the love seat.

Yes ladies and gents, there is finally a happy medium without compromising and it’s no longer just a colour.

PINK we <3

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