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Tis’ the Season for Brazen Hussy & Lipsy

Brazen Hussy Dress

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s your chance to get all dolled up and fancy. If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on a pair of those fabulous Jimmy Choos that were done for H&M, then you’ve got footwear taken care of. But if you did miss out and are lacking inspiration for an envy-inducing outfit for your office party, fundraising gala (where you’re bound to run into an ex), or a family gathering (where you must outdo attention-seeking cousins), I have your antidote: Brazen Hussy a CANADIAN designer . The Toronto-based duo are the go-to designers for dresses that will have people in a neck brace the next day. Their collection is romantic, girly and (not to mention) affordable. My fabdiddlyocious picks are above and below.

Brazen Hussy

Brazen Hussy

I also found a UK brand called Lipsy. I bought one of their dresses from Winners and have been hooked ever since. Sequins and lace are the trends this season, and Lipsy will take you away from the traditional satins, velvets, etc. But before you buy, THERE IS A RULE! If your heart is set on a fully sequined dress for the holidays, please, please stay away from silver or you might be referred to as the disco ball at your New Year’s party, and that, my friend, can stick with you through 2010.

Lipsy UK

Off the shoulder dresses as well as those that are heavily embellished are making waves this holiday, but if you dare to be different, go for an origami shaped dress (hey, why not live on the edge?). I encourage all of you to have fun this holiday and bring out your best accessory–a designated driver!

Lipsy UK

Before I sign off, be sure to check out more from Brazen Hussy on their website and visit their Where to Buy section.

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