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The Legend of the Red Panty: La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

As a blogger for we receive tons of insider information to pass on to you our loyal readers.  Here’s one that I found quite intriguing…the legend of the red panty from La Vie en Rose.

It seems that some 300 years ago near Venice, Italy, a peculiar ritual promising love and good fortune was founded.  Every Christmas, Venetians offer someone they love a red panty to be worn the night of December 31st.  Considered a lucky charm (much like many sports figures and their rituals before a big game), women are to wear these panties only on New Year’s Eve.  On New Year’s Day, the red panty must be disposed of.  It is said that for the past three centuries, every woman who has practiced this ritual has been blessed with a year filled with health, good fortune, and love.


As an in-tune retailer, La Vie en Rose hopes to help many women find all that their hearts desire with their Red Panty gift box.  Delightfully tucked away in a lovely red satin box, La Vie en Rose’s Red Panty Gift Box is the perfect token to let someone in your life know that you wish them well. So ladies, if you haven’t been lucky recently in any of these areas, don’t fret, the holidays are just around the corner!  At only $12.95 per box, a guy can make many women in his life very happy as well.

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