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The Blooming Flower of the Denim Industry – Black Orchid

Wow, I think this will be my 3rd article about my dear friend, CEO and designer of LA based, celebrity denim favorite Black Orchid. Somehow I can’t help but spread the good word about this fantastic brand that not only fits the woman’s backside so ideally that I now own close to 20 pairs of them, but can boast a creative head behind it that is one of the most approachable, down to earth and friendly people you will ever meet.

Julien Jarmoune (yes, he’s very french in every sense) is not a newcomer to this industry. His name may ring a bell because he was responsible for putting J & Company on the map and if you are a true denim lover, you would have at some point heard of them.

I recently had the pleasure for a second time to style Black Orchid‘s campaign for the upcoming fall season with photographer Pooya Nabei. Julien flew out to Vancouver with his treasure chest of new denims fresh from the factory, so I managed to get a sneak peek before anyone else and I even got him to let me steal some after we were done. The new styles and washes keep getting more unique and innovative but yet still maintain the right amount of simplicity, making them easy to wear with anything from a white tee to a dressy top.

Besides my being a big fan of his jeans, the group of faithful wearers also includes Jessica Alba, Fergie, Gwen Stefanie, Katherine Heigl, Dakota Fanning among many others…

One more thing to add: In a time where jean prices are skyrocketing, Black Orchid has maintained recession-friendly pricing without compromising a single detail. And that’s the way we like it! You can find them in a Holt Renfrew near you, and can follow Black Orchid’s updates by joining their Facebook group.

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