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A Taste of Photographic Ingenuity in Halifax

May’s been an interesting month, chalk full of emerging fashionistas and outdoor sets.

Ones that particularly come to mind though are my good friends, JJ Palmer and John Heisler. And, is it a coincidence their names start with Js? That’s a mystery and superstition I think I’ll hang onto since I’ve received nothing but stellar results from both of them.

I felt the urge to blog about these photographers because of their sheer natural talent and unreserved senses of style. They always bring something unique to the set. I find that’s pretty hard to find nowadays with the eagerness to conformity and yes, I just used the C word outside of a rally. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what I could possibly blog about since I’ve been buried in the oh so pleasurable stacks of summer school.

Oddly, enough JJ and John popped into my mind in my Popular Music class. We got to talking about how art is really hard to understand since you can’t experience it first hand with its artist or in its time. Those popular trends fashion personnel draw inspiration from are essentially from [and in] the past which was a different present.

I met JJ at a fashion networking night here in Halifax a couple of months ago. He was one of the few people I found myself actually laughing with at the event which automatically made me think his awesome photographic technique complimented his personality which isn’t always the case. He attended the Centre of Arts & Technology under some tutelage of the legendary Steve Kaiser (I’m just going to describe Steve as “legendary” because I know I will go on an endless tangent professing his sheer awesomeness if I don’t leave it at that) and applied every bit of what knowledge he accumulated there as well as his prior experiences towards his visions. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions and I’m always satisfied with the results. No matter what, he produces prolific results.

JJ’s preference is rough robust images of the industrial/grunge genre. So, suit up with leather and lace! He snapped this one in the stairway of my apartment building.

The pictures attached here that we’ve taken were all done in his apartment.

His apartment isn’t a studio either.

Yeah, kickass.

Check out some more of his work at

Now, onto the stupendous glamour of John.

We met through an open model call. He threw out a notice stating he was looking for glamour models for his new photography business and I checked it out. Considering the notice was up for a little over a week, I expected him to be swarmed with replies and selected models but, tried my luck. And, luckily, he managed to get me in for a further interview upon seeing my port. Being a full-time homeopathic doctor, he’d been doing photography for a number of years as a hobby before he decided to explore it extensively wherein he found out he loved glamour photography. I was blown away when he told me he met with many, many models and that none of them really “clicked”. I was even more blown away when he told me he thought I’d be perfect for his upcoming project and perhaps, a regular for future works. I mean, ME?

Do I look like a GLAMOUR MODEL? Short, big-lipped, rocking the asymmetrical face and all?

Apparently, it turned out I DID fit the bill.

But then again, maybe it’s not really ME and John’s photographic ingenuity is capable of making anyone look haute glamour.

His style plays upon the classic appeal of the female form. Nothing to ponder in terms of aesthetic appeal, just a simplistic pretty girl in a pretty image one might find in Europe.

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