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Stop the Crop!

You thought you’d only see them again when reliving your childhood through old 80s movies, but you were wro-ooong! Crop tops are back in and attacking the racks this spring.  It’s ironic that the first one I spotted shopping downtown a few weeks ago had the acronym “OMG” written across the chest, because that’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw it, “Oh my God! How can this horror be considered fashionable again?!?” A boxy, ill-proportioned blouse providing no shape, no structure, and worn with the constant fear of giving the world a show of your bra if you happen to you raise your arms too high?  Who would want this thing?  I understand that fashion recycles elements from past eras and reinvents them to fit the modern day and, usually, it’s a great idea. When I look at pictures of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn from the 50s and 60s for instance, I drool over parts of their outfits and ask myself, “How can I look like that?” But when I see a picture of a girl wearing a crop top, I ask myself a very different question, “Why did she shop in the kid’s section?” I don’t think that’s exactly the sort of reaction that an “in” item should elicit.

Now, don’t get too upset with me for knocking the crops.  I did try to give them a fair chance and researched to see if I could find examples of the tops being worn well.  In doing so, however, I kept coming across instructive websites encouraging girls to take on the crop top “challenge”. (It seems I wasn’t the only one mystified by how to make these short shirts look good.)  The sites suggested wearing a longer shirt underneath a crop top to cover your belly if you’re a bit on the self-conscious side and tucking the top into high-waisted shorts or skirts.  I thought this was good advice until I realized that these recommendations were proposing what a regular length shirt can, and already does, do.  In that case, wouldn’t it be better to buy a regular shirt that can be worn with high waists now and with other fads later on down the line without the fear of looking so dated?  It would seem that way to me.

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