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STATUS Urban Fashion Show presented by EMPIRE boutiques

This past Saturday night I attended the STATUS Urban Fashion Show presented by EMPIRE boutiques and held at the Just for Laughs Museum in Montreal. The line-up of people was a true preview of the looks that would later parade down the catwalk: ‘Street’ inspired. Featured brands included Bruxe, Hurley, Insight, Lifetime, Nixon, Obey, Quicksilver, Roxy, RVCA, Uranium, Vans, Volcom, VZ and WESC, with bikinis by L-Space and others sprinkled in for good measure.

The styling was an eclectic mix of rock and roll, hipster, skate and surf culture, and Eric Mercier, Director of Marketing for Empire, was right to say that “…there are many conflicting styles coming together in the unique world of urban fashion … all staying true to the diverse nature of skate style”. Some of the models rocked sneakers, oversized glasses, and a lot of denim, and there was everything from sleeveless vests to fitted skirts (not surprisingly, Vans is releasing two new styles this summer in bleached denim). There were lots of bright prints like camouflage and leopard print, which were also present in the bikinis. The leather-look worked its way into the leggings and the dresses, and my personal favourite accessory of the night was actually a toss up between the Optimus Prime-esque water guns or the fanny packs…they are coming back whether we like it or not!

I had a chance to speak to the show’s stylist and buyer for Empire, Marilyse Gagnon, who said that they “were really trying to show-off the flashiness of our Spring/Summer line, inviting the girls who shopped at skate shops five years ago to come back and start looking at brands like Volcom and Obey for more than just t-shirts or typical skateboard clothing”.

Empire has six retail locations in and around the Montreal area. To see more check out: and their online boutique.

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