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Some Space for the Lace

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time in my last post to talk about another leggy fashion that’s made it big this season in the fashion world and also in my kloset, the lacey patterned tight.  Sheer, chic, and a sure-fire attention getter, lace tights are a great way to spice up an outfit that on any other day would be just hum-drum. Think about it, no more snores when you walk into your friend’s party wearing your popular but overly relied upon “little black dress,” and no more blank looks from your co-workers when you walk into work wearing your classic skirt-suit.

Now, you’ve got a flirty print beneath that hemline, and trust me, people are checking out those flowers, geometric shapes, or animal print you’ve got going on.  With this type of hype, why don’t more women own patterned tights?  Well, let’s face it, they can be intimidating and a bit more work to pull off than your average nylon or opaque tight.  They require some planning, so here are a few tips to help you out if you’re considering trying them on for size.

First, pick a pattern size that compliments your leg shape.  If you have wider legs, a vertically oriented pattern will make your legs appear leaner. If you’d like your legs to look curvy, opt for wider, horizontal patterns.  To avoid making the activity at a beehive look tame and overwhelming your outfit with busy patterns, try pairing your tights with sleek, solid colored clothing and shoes.  Cutting down on the number of accessories you wear also helps simplify your outfit. If you are still having doubts about your tights’ maiden voyage, try wearing them under a skirt with a high boot so that people only get a peek of the pattern in the space between your hemline and boot-top. Maybe soon you’ll feel comfortable enough to show off the whole leg. But whatever you do, have fun turning heads!

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