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PUT it in the BAG!

the MURSE POWER purse

The man purse or murse as it is often referred to have been over looked. This season and that season it’s all about shoes, the latest in designer sunglasses or what Rihanna is wearing (she is fab by the way). But what about the murse? Well not to worry fellas I’ve got you covered.

Rudsak small brown leather duffel bag

Rudsak small black messenger

Rudsak style factor leather messenger

For those of you who are tired of being confined to the minuscule compartments of a wallet here are some different styles of the murse that will allow you to have the well deserved space that we ladies love. I’ve found some models from Rudsak a Canadian company which makes the most amazing leather goods period. they have an array of styles to suit every preference, especially if you haven’t gathered up enough courage to really sport a murse you can start of slow with a messenger bag (always popular).

Mark Nason embossed leather messenger bag

I love vintage inspired murse by Mark Nason murse called “rock never dies” has the most amazing detail for those of you who want to step away from the classic black leather look and maybe spice up your wardrobe. It’s sport enough for everyday wear but classic enough for you to take anywhere else. I’m inspired to keep the murse on as a regular monthly topic to keep you guys updated on the latest styles and trends.


Peace till next time

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  1. Its not a purse, its a SACHEL!!!!!!!

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