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OooLala Shop… Future Zappos of Undergarments

My dear friend Ami Seaton has always been a go getter, a go maker and go creator. When I finally saw him after his extensive travels to Ibiza, Los Angeles and a variety of other sun drenched, bikini-clad spots, it wasn’t surprising that his newest venture was into the world of undergarments. So here is! Ami became the VP of business development alongside his friends, Harry Yeh the CEO of the site and Terrence Wong, COO and President of the company.

All three of them have quite the resume in the business world, ranging from hosting gigs for a little DJ we might all know as Tiesto all over Canada, to starting import/export companies, and even tapping into the Playboy Empire. But that’s what makes this such a recipe for success; they all offer something unique and new. When Harry and Terrence reconnected with Ami – who had been working with the Love is Heaven underwear brand since 2008 – the three friends decided to take a risk and launch an online retailer that focuses predominantly on women’s lingerie and undergarments. I know what you are thinking: They’re three men, how would they understand what we women want as lingerie? Well ladies, aren’t men the reason why we dish out to look pretty underneath our dresses? Who better to pick undergarments than men?

The guys have three key philosophies that they believe will set them apart from the competition. First is providing great product. Secondly, tapping into the social media craze in every way to build an interconnected community of bloggers, fashionistas and others passionate about style. Thirdly, making their customers feel like they can reach them at any point from anywhere. They have installed live chat, email, phone, forums, Facebook and Twitter to make it extremely easy for everyone to have a voice and be heard, whether it’s for customer service or just feedback.  They aim to have the broadest selection of lingerie online by the end of their first business year and are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to showcase. Besides undies and bras, they work closely with two non-profit organizations; F— Cancer and Invisible Children, with portions of all proceeds benefiting these two charities.

I was very excited to be their on-camera host at their private media launch, which took place in Vancouver on October 6th at the Forum. It was a launch event, a Lingerie Fashion Show and a fundraiser with sponsors including Grey Goose, Bacardi and Red Bull… And with them on board, you know it was a good time!

Check out their website at:

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