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Oh lolli…Lollipops (pop) Paris


So it’s almost midsummer and you haven’t found that perfect bag?  Who am I kidding, the perfect bags!  Well Lollipops Paris is the place to checkout some the hottest arm gear available worldwide.

Generic Brown Large

Gistory Brown Leather Frame

A full-on hit in celeb circles and quickly making appearances on the shoulders of women in the know, Lollipops Paris creates neo-classic clutches, handbags and totes while trying to use as little leather in the collection as possible.

Glelia Grey Shopper Bag

Glisse Brown Medium

Known for their highly ornate key/bag accessories, Lollipops Paris offers you the option of changing your bags “character” while not having to put down one of your favorite bags.  How thoughtful!

Grunge Shopper Black

Guy Beige Large

From the electro chick to the uptown girl, Spring Summer Part 2 has a little something for you.  A touch boho-chic, a touch vintage and features a lovely light palette ranging from peachy pink to vanilla crème.  With some sweet shoes also available, Lollipops Paris definitely can become the center of a woman’s universe, at least for a few hours.


Online store available and store locator.

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