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BR Jewelry New Years Eve

I’m all for it… the opulence, the decadence, the pure hedonism of what you’d imagine a posh New Year’s Eve party should look like. I remember watching those glamorous champagne commercials as a kid and saying, “Yup, that’s exactly how I’m gonna look New Year’s Eve. ” And in my mind’s-eye, sequins, feathers, satin, and diamonds were what dressing for NYE was all about. Over the years, getting glammed-up for NYE has become a bit of an obsession and I don’t think I’m alone.


#1) Find the dress. Pay attention to the neckline, since that’s probably what’s going to show up the most (re. all the Facebook photos you will be tagged in wearing it).

#2) Get the shoes. Whether it’s a house party, restaurant, or booming nightclub, be sensible. Check the boots and bring your “indoor” shoes or boots. If you really love yourself, you won’t wear a new pair of shoes out for the first time on NYE, lest you plan on making your NYE resolution “never break-in new shoes on NYE.”

#3) Accessorize! I love this part because, knowing myself, I try on a zillion dresses that are all variations on a theme: black. So actually, I am mostly concerned with what accessories will be pulling the look together.

For special occasions, I recommend checking out Banana Republic for their great selection of quality costume pieces, which I find to be classic and well styled with modern details, finishes, and interesting settings. I love their cuffs and rings especially because they’re very statement-worthy, but can be worn well into the new year and beyond.

Unlike many other trend pieces, Banana Republic Jewelry is a cut above the rest and can endure the test of fashion time.

I recently went to the launch of the new Spring 2010 collection and here are a few pieces that I totally covet.

BR JewelryBR Jewelry NYE

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