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Not a Glass Slipper… but Close!

As a reward for completing my undergraduate studies at McGill University, I decided to treat myself to a day of retail therapy. My goal? To find flats that would be practical, but not take a backseat in style to my beloved collection of high heels. Earlier this month, I’d come to the realization that my favorite four-inch, fire engine red Steve Madden’s might be fantastic for a night out, but wearing them to a 9 to 5 job was a huge no-no. The thought of wearing footwear that looked like it had come from the back of Mrs. Frump-de-dump’s closet, however, (which was the situation in which I found myself) was also not very appealing.

I don’t know who the original Marshall of Marshalls department store is (or was), but I’d like to thank him for saving me from becoming Mrs. Frump-de-dump’s newest protégé. In one afternoon, I found three pairs of flats that will not only be comfortable during the workday, but will also make it easier for my hand to by-pass the heels when selecting shoes in the morning. My first find of the day was a pair of leopard print flats made by Franco Sarto. I love the black patent leather bow detail near the toe because it gives the shoe a bit of cuteness to soften the edge of its ferocious pattern.

Next, I went in search of a neutral colored shoe to be able to wear with just about anything. But why be boring in your choice of neutrals? Why not try out a metallic? I decided on this silver pointed-toe pair by Nine West. The base color of the shoe is gray, to which the makers have added an antiqued silver sheen and crystal detailing near the toe. My obsession with glitz is also apparent in my final choice of flat by Guess, which my mother has come to call my “Cinderella shoe.” Besides having a similar crystal detail to the pair by Nine West, the Guess flats are made of a gorgeous power blue silk that, I admit, does make you feel like a fairy-tale princess when you put them on.

Who said you couldn’t have a bit of fantasy in your life when heading out into the “real world”?

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