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More Stellar Stuffs from Halifax

This post goes to Peter Henry and Michael Minnick.

First, Peter. This prolific photographer and I shot back in the earlier days of my modeling career. I messaged a slew of photographers on a modeling networking site and he was one of the few that responded. He introduced me to the concept of high key photography.

No, not haiku, high key. It’s where a model or object of focus is surrounded by or just basking in light.


As with any new friend you meet, you’re hella nervous, you want to please. Fortunately, Peter was one of those rare down-to-Earth photographers who you can laugh with. Working with him has not only enhanced the look of my port but allowed me to expand my aesthetic and modeling horizons with lots of themes and poses.

Now, onto Michael Minnick. Mike and I have shot for over a year now. As one of his regular models, I’m privy to a lot of laughs and road trips.

Working with him has led me to some abstract locations and concepts like the beautiful Nova Scotian towns of Great Village, Masstown, Truro, Lawrencetown.

He’s been photographing industrial concepts for decades and recently got into glamour and fashion photography which is where I came in: he was one of the few photographers who messaged me in my not so early days of modeling for a shoot. After a while, he started his own photography business called LOOK! Photography, who I’m happily representing.


Here’s to another pair of awesome photographers!

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