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Cookies w/Milk & Canvas

Milk & Canvas

After living in Montreal for the past four years I have come to appreciate this beautiful city for everything it had to offer, food fashion and culture. But being a stylist I decided to explore my options and move back to Toronto to try my and in a more commercial industry. While in Toronto on my quest to find new things and new designers I was introduced to young duo of designers/stylist Indie Kelly Green and Meelah S through a mutual friend. After viewing their designs I was greatly inspired to have them feature in my blog. Their use of creative use of fabrics, buttons and fusion of chains and flowers is remarkable. So on a late Friday evening after their shoot for their launch in December I sat down with the ladies of Milk and Canvas to discuss  the thing girls love to talk about……fashion.

Canvas Mary Coll

Milk and canvas is an interesting name for a jewelry line very creative what inspired the name?

MS: Milk to everyone is an essential part of life and that’s how we feel about fashion, style and art. We use blank canvases to create

How did Milk and Canvas start?

MS: We have been trying to find a creative outlet for years, one day we sat down and threw our ideas onto a piece of paper and that’s how it was created.

It seems like everyone nowadays is a stylist designer photographer what makes this line different from all other jewelry lines out there?

IKG:  We create pieces that will make people feel good about wearing our line. We cover every aspect of style so there is something for everyone.

What keeps you motivated to do what you do at such a young age?

MS: We are passionate about it, we love doing what we do, and it’s not for the money

IKG: Fashion has always been a big part of our lives since, this is just a small part of what we want to accomplish, this is the foot into the industry that we need right now so all these things is what keeps our focus.

Milk & Canvas

These pieces are very creative, who inspires you as a designer

IKG& MS:  Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Vivian Westwood and Comme des Garcons

What is the definition of a milk and canvas lady?

IKG: Well, what you would consider to be a milk and canvas lady would vary because we don’t cater to one specific kind of woman, we make statement pieces that are bold, classic and in between so every woman is a Milk and canvas woman

Will there be anything for the men in the line?

IKG: We want to cater to everyone so we do have male pieces for the line after, all style is not just catered to women, men are making very bold statements themselves right now and have always been so why exclude them.

Milk & Canvas

Longevity is important in fashion or anything you do what gives Milk and Canvas longevity?

MS: The fact is we stay driven, for me that important and we are constantly evolving with new ideas and designing is like second nature it’s not forced. We want to build Milk & Canvas into a brand with styling services, in house photography to name a few. Some businesses fail because they creatively become stagnant and cannot get out of the box, we will be a brand that will reinvent it self in order to stay relevant.

Working in a partnership is hard for anyone what makes the partnership work especially where creativity is concerned?

MS: Well I won’t say we don’t run into problems but before anything we are friends and we have similar tastes and interests.

Now I heard that you guys do everything by yourself including photography, is that true?

MS: Yes, kind of


IKG: Just because we have a vision of what we want and I guess, we are talented enough we can lol we also work with other people that are also affiliated with us.

Milk and Canvas

What is the inspiration for the designs?

IKG: Everything around us from cartoons to flowers

In an age where mainstream influences everything and some people are so trend influenced, how do you stay true to what you do?

We don’t follow trends or fads, we try not to pay attention to that stuff we just do us and put character and personality into our pieces.

Having celebrity endorsements are important like it or not, If you could pick one celeb to endorse your line who would it be and why?

IKG: Grace Jones cause she’s a bad &*^$%, lol

Are there any future endeavors in the works right now?

MS:  Yes, building our company that becomes a brand. That go to company that has a roster of make up artist, photographers etc one shot one deal one kill we will be that type of company

Milk and Canvas

Do you have any inspirational words for those young, struggling designers out there?

IKG: As a clothing and accessory designer I would say to start off slow and keep working hard at developing your craft and you will get there.

How can people get in contact with you?

J: Send any questions to for right now, but our website will be up very soon.

When will the line be available?

IKG: We are aiming to launch early December so stay tuned, email us to get on the mailing list for more information on our products and updates on our line.

I would like to thank the ladies of Milk & Canvas for taking the time out to sit with me. They are very creative and I absolutely love their pieces, they are stylish and original. Milk & Canvas is a definite line to watch, Stay tuned for updates on them as this is definitely not the last time they will be here. In the mean time enjoy the photos of the line, till next time stay fab and stylish!


PS. A special thanks to Anthony Creary for the amazing shots

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