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Concubine FW 2011 – Masquerade: An Opera of Colors

Concubine released its newest fall-winter 2011 collection. It’s a masquerade! Get ready to be seduced by the wealth of sensuality; and, be enchanted by the feast of senses. It’s a masquerade, an opera of colors. I’ve picked out for you some of the stuff I really liked.

In the handbags, I found one that some of you may like. Does anyone care for extra chains?

Cordelia Style 1922 Handbag New collection available in stores

Much like the “kinky” clutch that Angelina Jolie was caught carrying at TIFF, this chain-ful addition to your wardrobe will add the extra to your wardrobe. Of course, they won’t be strapped to your arm.

Some of us want to keep things simple. Don’t like the extra fluff, here’s one for the bohemians at heart.

Bohemian Chic Style 1927 Handbag

All that’s missing with these two fabulous purses are a scarf. How about a nice grey scarf to top it all off? The following scarf is great for work functions.


Frou Frou Scarf Style 1946 Scarf

Doesn’t mean that its fall that we all have to go dark. Concubine experimented with different soft toned colours for its fall jewelry.

Time to Shine Necklace Style 8251 Necklace


Not bold enough? Do you miss the summer? The following bracelet might lighten your mood.

Time to Accelerate Bracelet Style 8451 Bracelet

And it’s all hand-made. You can find more on their website.

Enjoy the masquerade

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