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One of my favorite boutiques is the New York store Lyell. Located on Elizabeth Street in Nolita, the tiny storefront is easy to miss but well worth the effort to find. Inside, designer Emma Fletcher hawks her wares: feminine silk blouses, shorts, trousers, and undergarments. The store also stocks some vintage clothing.

Fletcher’s creations are understated and even anachronistic; everything is touched with a heavy dose of retro whimsy. The clothes are never revealing but are sexy in a muted, fragile way. I love the ethereality of her vintage-inspired dresses and blouses.

Stepping into the Lyell store is like entering a whimsical girl’s bedroom. The space is intimate with a warm but minimalist aesthetic. Fletcher’s collections are small, which results in refined and focused clothes.

Lately, Lyell has expanded from its Elizabeth Street nook. Fletcher began a collaboration with Urban Outfitters that is now available in most of their stores, where the Lyell aesthetic carries over at slightly lower prices. Select Lyell products are also available online at

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