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LG Fashion Week- Pink Tartan


Kimberly Newport-Mimran is a veteran of Toronto Fashion Week, and after eight years of showing, Pink Tartan is undoubtedly one the biggest shows to see and be seen at in Canadian fashion. After a day of half-empty shows and a relatively laid back atmosphere, there was a buzz in the Heritage Place that rivaled that of the Lincoln Centre in New York a few weeks back. Suddenly the place was brimming with people from all walks of the fashion world, dressed to the nines in the seasons finest (well, for the most part). Certainly, I was familiar with the designer and her past collections, but nothing could have prepared me for the hi-lighter bright colour, impeccable tailoring, and perfectly chic styling that we were all about to witness.

Giving, what I think, was a very necessary re-vamp to a line that is often over-commercialized, and a bit too “trendy” for my taste, this collection was young, fresh, and vibrant. From the bright pink chiffon blouse, paired with a royal blue trouser and an equally bright pink sun hat that opened the show to the floor length, black-and-white patterned sun-dress that closed, Mimran showed a consistently cohesive mix of seventies retro chic and casual elegance. Adding to this boho-glam vibe was a juicy, citrus colour palate, unbearably cute, round sunglasses (much like those seen in the Z-Spoke by Zac Posen S/S collection), and her use of chiffon-like fabrics that moved beautifully as the girls strutted their way down the runway  And from the shouts of approval, and ear-splitting applause that Kimberly received upon her finale, I’m quite positive I wasn’t the only one leaving the show with goose bumps. Toronto Fashion Week scored a few points with this blogger today.

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