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LG Fashion Week- Line Knitwear


Designers John Muscat and Jennifer Wells are no strangers to Toronto Fashion Week.  In fact, they’re no strangers to fashion week in general, having shown in New York City a number of times over the past decade. Since launching their line in 2000, their innovative take on knitwear has given the duo a strong reputation in the industry. Their collections can be seen gracing the pages of publications all over the world. Proving that cozy knits are not only a fall/winter staple, Line’s 2011 Spring collection featured warm tones, beautiful draping, and intricate hand-work that had me so excited that I was literally skipping out of the building at the end of the show. Those who know me, are well aware that colour is not something I often incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. But after watching their salmon-pink leather trousers and matching crochet tops on the runway last night,  I’m seriously rethinking my signature look. Their collection, which covered everything from short, softly draped, colour-block dresses to full length knit gowns, was not only inspiring, but genuinely breath-taking. What I found most impressive, was their ability to use every aspect of their medium. A cream, floor-length dress not only featured intricate knit patterns, but also a frayed hemline that added length and the perfect amount of volume. It’s collections like these that make fashion so exciting and un-preictable. All I know is I’m scrambling to find the nearest knitting club, and after looking at these pictures, I won’t be surprised if a few others follow suit.

Well folks, that’s my take on Day 2 of LG Fashion Week. It’s on to Day 3, after a quick sleep, and a copious amount of caffeine. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more coverage throughout the rest of the week.

Until then, I hope these pictures of citrus chiffon, cozy summer knits, sequined gowns, and sleek sweats tide you over. Happy fashioning.

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