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LG Fashion Week Day 4: Basch by Brandon R Dwyer

Yesterday, sadly, was my last venture into the tents for LG Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2011 before I hop on a plane to LA in a few hours (I know…pooooor me.). And as disappointed as I am to be missing the likes of Amanda Lew Kee and Denis Gagnon today, the shows I got to see this week were more than satisfactory.  I come away from my first Toronto fashion week with a few revelations that I’m excited to be sharing with you now. My main realization has to do with the sometimes bad reputation that is given to fashion in Canada. So often compared to the collections seen in other International cities, one is often told that fashion in Canada is lack-lustre, behind the times, and even tacky. But I have something to say about that, and having an outlet like this site is a perfect way to voice my opinion. Canadian designers are by no means lacking in creativity or talent. What people need to begin to accept is that we are participating in a different retail market in the Great White North. One that is focused around just that; retail. No, we do not have many couture collections showing in Toronto or Montreal, but that is purely because the Canadian industry focuses more on marketability. We create clothes that are meant to be worn by the every day fashion-conscious consumer. A bad collection is a bad collection, whether it shows in Milan, Paris, or Toronto. This more ready-to-wear mentality does not put us behind other designers, it simply shows a different focus. And the collections I saw on Thursday left me proud to be a member of the Canadian fashion community. From Evan Biddell’s warrior-themed collection, to Romona Keveza’s ethereal gowns, fashion week was filled with a mixture of reliable old favourites, and exciting newcomers.

One of those such newcomers was Project Runway alum, Brandon R. Dwyer, who debuted his collection Basch by Brandon last night.  Who could forget the designer stumbling during a judging panel as he admitted to not recognizing the name Yves Saint Laurent. Shocking, I know, but Dwyer managed to prove that he deserved his spot on the runway with a fun and flirty collection that is a prime example of the market I ranted about at the beginning of this post. The soft colour palate, which ranged from deep sea foams and burnt rose to classic white and black allowed the draping of each garment to take centre stage. I was dying over a pair of sea foam trousers with brass button detailing that fit the model perfectly. Paired with a simple jersey top, the elegant draping of the pants made them stand out from the endless number of trousers we’ve seen walking down the runway this season. A full length jumper in the same shade showcased equally impressive draping skills, skimming the curves of the body, creating a flattering silhouette. As a sucker for a figure-conscious garments, both of these looks seemed to be screaming out to me,  “Amy, buy me, buy me!”

The finale dress, which featured a tiered ruffle skirt, asymmetrical straps and fur detailing again showcased Dwyer’s obvious knack for tailoring and a strong editing eye. WIth so many elements combined, this garment could easily have gone over the edge, but Dwyer proved his strong ability to edit which is often a difficult task in a debut collection. Equal parts city slicker, and hampton socialite, this collection was not only wearable, but extremely chic and well-thought out. Impressive for a guy who was only added to the Fashion Week roster last week. And after watching this show, I think we’re all happy he made the cut.

All photos by Gillian Gillespie. Check out her website here!

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