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LG Fashion Week Day 3- Chloe comme Parris

Another day of LG Fashion Week has come to an end. Meaning, another 5-10 caffeinated beverages guzzled, a few hundred hands shook, cards exchanged, and most importantly another day of exciting collections to report back on. It’s hump day, and I’m finally feeling at home among the fashion insiders crowding Heritage Court. No longer will I stumble around the Exhibition grounds, searching frantically for the venue, nor will I nervously approach the security gate, convinced I’ll be kicked out simply for not being Jeannie Bekker. No, ladies and gentleman, I do believe I have conquered my fears and allowed myself to take a deep breath and really enjoy the festivities. And to you, our trusty readers, I bring another days worth of coverage, straight from the runways, for your own very own fashion indulgence. So sit back, relax, and allow me to introduce to you the debut collection from Chloé comme Parris; the brain child of sister duo, Chloé and Parris Gordon.

To refer to this fresh-faced design duo, as “new comers” to the Toronto fashion scene would be an understatement so vast, it might compare to say…calling Snooki slightly tanned. Chloé only recently graduated from East Coast university NSCAD, where sister Parris is currently finishing her final year, and yet these two girls have managed to create a cohesive, and well-executed collection that is uncommonly mature from the usual straight-out-of-college set.

What was so particularly impressive about this collection was the balance of a marketably, fresh-faced aesthetic with an edgier disheveled quality. This juxtaposition was seen in the use of stiffer fabrics like leather and canvas to create somehow un-undeniably feminine silhouettes that moved gracefully with the models as they strutted down the runway. A long khaki green trench coat featured bold leather accents and an asymmetrical hem, giving a more masculine piece a distinctly feminine feel. A beautifully draped, black sheer sweater was wrapped tightly around the bodice and flared out to a longer hemline in the back, again proving the duos understanding of the female figure. Citing 16th and 17th century explorers as inspiration for the collection, the pieces featured utility-style details such as brass buttons, buckles, and leather to contrast the flowing silhouettes of sheer skirts, backless dresses, and the ever-present drop-crotch trousers.

This collection was by no means perfect, but when one considers again that this is a debut collection from two women barely out of their teens, it can’t be long before the Gordon sisters are rubbing elbows with the International fashion elite.

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