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LG Fashion Week Day 2- Jules Power

Good morning fashion folk! I bring to you a breakfast of fashion tid-bits from the runways of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week. Day two is complete and I must say, I’m left feeling excited and inspired. Excited, inspired, and EXHAUSTED, but that’s what caffeine is for, am I right? This season is actually my first foray into Toronto’s take on fashion week, and I entered the Heritage Centre, where the events are being held, not really knowing what to expect. Having recently attended New York Fashion Week, I knew that there would be mad dashes for seats in sky-high heels, some free swag, and a gaggle of good-looking folk, and happily yesterday did not disappoint. Though there were certainly a number of misses amongst the collections showing, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see some wonderful hits as well from some established and reliable designers, as well as a few that are relatively fresh on the scene (or at least on my radar).  In the next few posts I’ll be giving you my take on some of those aforementioned hits (in no particular order). And don’t forget to tune in every day this week for my daily round up!


Locally grown designer Jules Power has been an established member of the Canadian design scene for some time now, having worked under major labels such as Roots and Joe Fresh, before branching off into her own namesake brand in 2009. Her design aesthetic is un-questionably influenced by her former experience, as what I noticed most about her “on-trend” collection was the designer’s definite understanding of her customer. Though I didn’t find her collection particularly innovative by any means, that didn’t stop me from picturing the majority of it hanging in my over-stuffed closet. Continuing with trends we’ve seen walk down the runways the past couple seasons, Power’s girl is chic, confident, and most certainly comfortable. Sweatshirts, and tailored sweatpants (à la Isabel Marant) could easily be dressed up with a great pair of heels and a sleek blazer, showing that sweats can be great for so much more than the treadmill. There was a mixture of the ever-present grunge and military trends in her mesh tees, sweaters, and even pants, as well as a few well-tailored khaki green coats that would put a smile on my face on any rainy spring afternoon. All in all, Jules Power showed a wearable, trendy, and chic line that could maybe use a price adjustment.

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