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La Vie en Rose’s MUSE Post-Mastectomy Bra: A Survivor’s Review

I introduce you to Luba. She is a very dear friend of mine that I met while working many years ago in the TV world. Spunky, full of life and constantly on the go, you would never know that this vibrant 50-something with a heart of gold has now gone through her third and hopefully final bout with breast cancer.

After having had masses extracted twice already, Lubes (as we lovingly call her) made the brave, and most probably wise, decision to have both breasts removed to avoid any further recurrence from potentially happening.

With friends signed up for daily visits and chemotherapy already behind her, she went into the hospital for the surgery. Less than 24 hours later she was released to recuperate in the comfort of her own home.

As expected, in no time at all Lubes was off the pain killers, on her feet and quickly back to work (a span of 12 days from surgery to office return)…don’t we love the advances made in modern medicine!

Prior to Luba’s surgery and recovery, I had received a press kit from La Vie en Rose, about the launch of their new post-mastectomy bra called MUSE. Being a guy (besides speaking about it), I really didn’t see the angle except being just another post. Instantly, I thought of Luba and that she would be ideal to take this bra for a “test drive”.  Immediately upon presenting the idea to the PR dept at La Vie en Rose they were thrilled to have their product reviewed by someone who the product is actually designed for.

About 15 days after the surgery, Luba visited the Alexis Nihon Plaza store (Montreal) where coincidentally she was served by a sales associate whose mother was also a breast cancer survivor. Now going through the inflation process to prepare for the reconstruction (still many months off), Lubes was ready to try the MUSE on for her new size (0 – C cup, but originally a D).

Firstly she liked the fact that the bras were well displayed amongst their other products (allowing the customer to not feel “different” from other women).

She found it to be light-weight and sexy and decided to opt for the black satin seamless style. The padding is removable so that as she expands she is able to adapt the padding to her size and although still sensitive on one side from the surgery she found it to be extremely comfortable and “almost not there”.

A former undergarment novice who was more the practical, comfort type, Luba is now vowing to be a sexy siren and spread the word about La Vie en Rose, their MUSE bra, the excellent service and fitting she received and she still can’t get over the price…a mere fraction of what most post-mastectomy bras go for and “a hell of a lot nicer!” – Her words.

Bravo La Vie en Rose for taking the time to consult with notable plastic surgeons to create, just from Luba’s reaction and testimonial, a winner amongst women we all love!

Images featured in this post are the new MUSE Holiday Collection available at La Vie en Rose stores nationwide or visit

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  1. Loved this story, and especially loved your description of my friend Lubes.
    I know that Luba is tremendously happy with this product and it is comforting to know that there is something really wonderful out there for woman to help them deal with this astronomical change in their lives. I will pass the word.

  2. Lynn Feaver says:

    I know Lubchi closely as a family member and friend…she loves the new bra, and actually talked to me about it this last weekend when I visited her in Montreal. Great work! Women like Luba will undoubtedly love what you have done! Bravo!

  3. Silvia Cademartori says:

    So typical of Luba to be so brave, honest and forthcoming about something extremely personal and private. Her voice will help so many women who are shy and embarrassed about shopping for a post-masectomy bra. Her voice has always been able to help so many. Her illness has not stopped Luba from doing her thing!

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