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If I Was a Boy…


So you’re probably fresh out of university, unemployed and/or on the route to employment and stressed out about office attire. Well maybe you aren’t, but I promise this feature could still apply to you too! Unless you’re one of those geniuses who have found a way to delay employment for as long as possible while maintaining your parents respect and financial support. By the way, I envy you people.


Working in a fashionable environment Monday through Friday helps raise the bar for every girl who shows up to work everyday. Our office happens to employ a majority of young women ages 20 to 30, so the term “young professionals” definitely applies. Everyday I am inspired by my co-workers and their personal style and hopefully I can share my experiences with you. I’m not going to lie, there are days when I am uninspired but I will share those “no-no’s” with you as well! There is nothing worst than a skirt that’s too short or a stiletto that’s too stripper, because lets face it people, water cooler gossip is no myth.


So my first go at this I want to discuss a trend in fashion that definitely has a place in the office. “The Boyfriend Look”. Anti-fit and oversized clothing can be a big hit at work if brought together with a feminine touch and a hint of professionalism. It’s going to depend on your career of course but in general the “Boyfriend Blazer” can really do no wrong. Whether you work in a law firm or in retail this look is really versatile. For those with a strict dress code or a more professional office atmosphere you can wear the blazer with a simple and or novelty blouse, black trousers (I would suggest the skinny or straight leg fit) and a comfortable pair of heels. Keep in mind height when choosing shoes for the office, too high can be offensive. If your office allows it a dressier ballet flat would look just as cute.

So next time your boyfriend breaks dinner plans for beers with the boys, raid his closet and don’t hesitate to douse his clothing in your favorite perfume.

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