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Hopping on the Harem Train

Since my last post about bell-bottoms, I’ve been thinking of alternative pant styles for ladies besides the prevailing skinny jean.  In my search, I’ve come across harem pants. No, I’m not suggesting that it’s “hammer time,” but I do think that the understated versions of this style could be perfect for ladies who dread pulling on hot jeans in the summer but who also feel self-conscious about their legs in skirts or shorts.  (Ah, the joys of having skin that could put milk to shame! :P )  Harem pants’ loose fit makes them extremely comfortable to wear and if made in a lightweight fabric, they’d be a perfect option on a steamy summer day. Plus, the tight bottoms ensure that your collection of fabulous footwear will never go unnoticed (maybe this is the reason I like harem pants so much!).

If you do decide to hop on the harem pant train, I suggest wearing them with a close fitting top and a pair of sky-high heels.  The result? You’ll look incredibly chic and ultra sophisticated. Trust me, the steamy day will have nothing on you!

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