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Glamour Fur

Kate Moss Fur

No longer in the domain of uptown ladies-who-lunch, fur has been incorporated into the wardrobes of women in refreshing ways.

We’ve already covered the fur trend in menswear, but while the look for men harks back to a sort of primitive masculinity, for women, it references a classic Hollywood glamour. Perpetually cool girls like Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny have reconfigured the look to infuse it with a new downtown chic.

Though the addition of fur to an outfit runs the risk of gaudiness, when exercised with restraint, it can lend a look eye-catching sophistication. I bought a vintage real-fur collar for $30 (!) and like adding it to paired-down outfits. It really dramatizes monochrome (especially black) colors and clean lines and gets a lot attention—in a good way. I also love the look on girls who want to channel a kind of Azzedine Alaia-esque 80s glamour with an oversized fur coat and tight mini-skirt or dress. The trick is to wear it all casually.


Oversized fur

And for those who suffer moral qualms about purchasing fur, the faux variety is a safe and economical option. Discount chains like H&M and Zara are stocked with fake-fur products, but for those who crave the real thing, going vintage is an ethical way to wear fur without directly sponsoring the trade.

And for you Canadians, wearing fur is also a way to remember your country’s roots! As an American, I like to think of it as a stylistic initiation into your wintry culture.

DG Fur

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