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Sex(y) Interview w/Robert Rodriguez


It’s time to feel good again! Robert Rodriguez is taking us back to the 80s to remind us of our carefree attitude, or at least back to the decade where more of us were born. This young dashing bashful designer, who understands that a sexy woman is a confident one, reminds us how to be edgy and young with his trans-national collection. A graduate of FIT New York and a disciple of the Christian Dior evening division, Robert sat down with to talk fashion, sexiness, and the die hard pieces every girl must have.

David for yourKloset: With female sexuality being subjugated as part of pop culture in what seems like everything these days, how does a woman stay sexy without going over the top?

Robert Rodriguez: Depends, everyone has their own individuality and sense of style. It’s less about what you’re wearing and more about how you carry yourself. But of course the clothes still matter! Don’t over do it, keep it sexy and simple. Remember there could be a very fine line between sexy & slutty. It’s how YOU perceive fashion…great top w/sexy pants…classic.

D4yK: What is that power piece that all women must have in their wardrobe?

RR: The tuxedo jacket, fitted & sexy. Show off those strong shoulders…dress it up or dress it down, mix it up with a pair of leather leggings and stilettos, and be fierce.

And of course you must always have a timeless cashmere sweater…especially for those cold nights.


D4yK: Do you believe our world has gone too casual? Have people forgotten what it’s like too dress up?

RR: Women will always love to dress up (& men too). In these tough times, you want to wear clothes that make you happy. It’s the moment to invest in ageless pieces that transcend seasons and could be worn multiple ways. Right now most people are emotional buyers but dressing up still feels sexy.

D4yK: What’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body to dress? What should be exposed and what should be left up to the imagination?

RR: Her back. But leave it undressed, show off those strong lines.


D4yK: For  every women’s Kloset, what are the must have colors and prints to stay sexy and cool all at the same time?

RR: Very spicy tones, rich spicy colors, Paprika, ruby, emerald, blue. Colors that look good with the sun, at the beach, with a tan…lots of happy colors for a lot of happy times.

D4yK: What’s new with the little black dress? What could be done to spice it up a little, or is a classic like this always best spoken on its own?

RR: The little black dress has gone a long way. We’re doing leather now, very hot, very rock & roll! It’s part of the return of feeling good about ourselves. We’re going dancing, out to the disco, having fun. Our pieces are all 80s inspired, very downtown.

To mix it up…Add some studs, rock a motorcycle jacket. Throw some stretch croc leggings underneath. But never throw it away. Everything comes back, it’s a full circle. You could always mix old with new. Old is ALWAYS new again.


D4yK: Who defines sexy to you? Which women today just ooze sex appeal and how does the average girl attain that look?

RR:Rihana… she always remains hip and sexy without ever being vulgar. She has her own sense of style and new generations of girls look up to her. She’s always well put together and unbelievably classy. That’s sexy to me.

And there’s no average woman. It all comes down to your personal style and how YOU put it together. Never try and be anyone else, women shouldn’t try and dress like other women. A beautiful bag, some jeans, a white tee and fabulous stilettos…stunning!

Be confident, be sure of yourself and make sure ‘the clothes never carry you, that you should always carry the clothes’.

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