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Getting SEX(Y) Saturday w/ Joelle Eugenie

Joelle Eugenie So how did you get into designing lingerie?

Joelle Eugenie: At a very young age, my dad was buying me lingerie for X-mas and for my birthday. After we moved to Paris; where I did my studies at Studio Berçot as a fashion director, it was there that I found lingerie paradise for me.

Let’s put it this way, I was 17 years old, in love and in the best Fashion city of the world with all the best brands that I have ever dreamed of.

Lingerie was just everywhere around me, as much as shoes and bags were! What exactly do you do at Montelle?

JE: Montelle is a international company. They have a lot of private clients like Simons but also big ones like Frederick’s of Hollywood in California. Also, they have a wonderful in-house collection, which I am in charge of as Fashion Director and I also focus on marketing the image. The line is distributed in all the best boutiques in North America. To view our work, go to

MONTELLE INTIMATES Are surrounded by T&A all day?

JE: What’s T&A?? LOL…lost in translation!  Moving on… What do you think is the sexiest item at Montelle?

JE: The best piece at the moment is our lace bustier from our group Satin Seduction.

It’s a great bustier that comes in white and black. It works as an everyday look, which is the big trend at the moment. Wear it in Flash Pink for the X-mas party…that’s going to be the item to wear with some leggings or very tight black jeans.

MONTELLE INTIMATES I’ve often worn lingerie that looks great but super uncomfortable, how can one be comfortable and sexy at the same time? Or is that against the point?  If so, how?

JE: That’s the trick!  It takes good teamwork. You should never feel uncomfortable in a bra. Go to a good store where they have service.  First, be sure to have the right person to help you find the right size.  After, make sure that the style fits your body.

If you need support choose a bra that is designed to give you support.

Montelle Intimates Is there a difference between what a man thinks is sexy versus what a woman thinks is sexy?

JE: Both are soooo different. At least now woman are talking more about sex, so we know more about what they find sexy or not.  Men…you give them a beer and you know what they find sexy in the next minute!  But they will, in general always think differently. You know, like when they say, “I like your negligee, but you’d look better without it”!

JE: Yes for sure, but you need to start the fire before it can burn!!  Can we say that?!! HAHA!!Lingerie is a must have at all times! It’s game-over if we wear beige bras all the time. Fun, party and fashion product are available, so there is no excuse!

Montelle Intimates Is there a difference between a g-string, thong, tonga or are they all the same thing?

JE: Darling there is! But each company will play with those words for their personal interests. A G-string is normal in front, like a pair of underwear. It’s all about the back. You don’t see it because it’s usually just a line of material or an elastic. So when you want to give a little show, wear your G! Thong and tangas are like a brief…underwear in front and in the back you have more material than the G.

After that you have the Brazilian, Brief, the Slip, the Boyleg or Boy Short and the Cheeky.

Bustier :  98 $|

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