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From Horrid Hosiery to Terrific Trend

Each winter, I used to cringe as my mother would unfailingly whip open her sock drawer, reach into its depths, and gleefully pull out her pair of wooly thigh-high socks. They were old, musty, pilly, and downright gross. “See,” she would tell me as I watched her pull on the disgusting drainpipes in horror from the far corner of her bedroom, “you’d be much better off wearing some nice, warm, long socks like these instead of those dinky ankle socks you’ve been wearing to school.  You’re gonna freeze.”

The only good part about watching Mom don her favorite hosiery was that you weren’t subjected to the sight for very long. Mom would thankfully hide the socks from view under a pair of pants.

The memory of my mother’s ugly over-the-knee socks has long tainted my opinion of knee-highs and thigh-highs.  In my head, the fact that a sock extended beyond my ankle or lower calf necessarily meant that it must be old, pilly, and putrid. So imagine my surprise when I recently saw longer socks being worn on the runway and around the city looking… (I can already see my mother smirking as she reads this)… utterly fantastic without being completely hidden by a pant leg.  Paired with shorter skirts and shorts, peeking over the tops of high boots for a color contrast, or layered with tights and legwarmers, longer socks not only accentuate the leg and allow for a bit of creativity in an outfit, but they also keep your legs warm, making them a terrific trend for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. Check out the socks (above) in these chic runway looks from Prada, Michael Korrs, Cynthia Steffe, and Alexander Wang to get inspiration for your own wardrobe:

But whatever you do, please don’t tell my mother that I recently bought a pair of wooly thigh-highs.  I might never live it down.

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  1. Love this article, Chantal! It’s always fun when some historically vulgar fashion makes a comeback into a trendy new windfall of styles. Looking forward to more of your fashion tips!


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