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Free Peoples Rebellion

Free Peoples Rebellion

Good day, style lovers and fashion enthusiasts.  Here is your accessory watch for 2010. While browsing through one of my Facebook friend’s photo albums, I was delightfully introduced to beautifully colored Liberian Lapas used in the most intricate way and turned into stunning accessories.  And that was my first encounter with Free Peoples Rebellion.

Queens, NY born and raised creator of Free Peoples Rebellion, Sara Williams, pays homage to her Liberian background in her cleverly made designs. “My family is from Liberia and my grandmother used to bring me all of these beautiful lapas. I didn’t want to wear it in its traditional form, so I started to make accessories.  I first started wanting to pursue styling, but once I started getting compliments on my accessories and questions on where it can be purchased I knew I had something special. I have a slight obsession with accessories. My clothing style is pretty simple, so I’ve always used accessories to create some type of uniqueness to my look.”

Free Peoples Rebellion

But why the name Free Peoples Rebellion you ask? “The name pays homage to the history of Liberia, which was formed by freed slaves in the U.S. who wanted to move back to Africa. It also describes my customer as well–someone who has a rebellious fashion sense and the free will to make a difference while simultaneously making a fashion statement.”

The line is infused with 70s and early 80s-era punk. “Although it’s now mainstream, during that time period it represented a rebellious youth oriented way of life.” say FPR creator Sarah W.

This eccentric line is for individuals who dare to be different and thrive on a nonconformist way of style. When asked who the face of her line would be, she answered, “I know you think I’m going to say Kelis, but I’m not because of that very reason. Although I would be honored to have her wear anything I make, I’m a fan of fearlessness, originality, and a keen sense of self. She has all three. I would choose Jack Davey of J*Davey. I love her style and the music that is created between her and Brook D’Leau is pure addiction. J*Davey was my music gateway drug and I am forever thankful.

Free Peoples Rebellion

So 2010 is most definitely the year of the style-a-holic so here is what we can expect from FPR: “The newest collection that I am working on is inspired by a song by Ebony Bones. She’s an awesome person and a great talent. I’m not going to tell you which song but if you’re curious and will be in the NYC in February, let me know and I’ll send you an invite to the show.”

FPR is not yet available in stores (BE THE FIRST TO GET YOUR HOT HANDS ON THIS LINE) so if you are a buyer or retail owner reading this right now, please feel free to contact her. The double liberty necklaces should be available for sale at (a UK African fashion based retail site) shortly. But for now, just hit her up at  (FPR is launching this month so check our Event Kalander!)

Free Peoples Rebellion

Sarah says “surround yourself with positive people that inspire you and kick the nay sayers to the curb. Those same people that have something negative to say will be singing your praises when you succeed. “

Find Free Peoples Rebellion Online @

FPR Facebook

FPR Twitter

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