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Flesh for Fantasy PT. 1

Plastik Patrik FMDM

Most recently I conceptualized and styled a lingerie show during the Fashion and Design Festival in Montreal.  This prompted me to do a piece on working your lingerie in the bedroom.  No, this is not another typical underwear story but a blog about “being” different characters (role playing if I must).  So you say are not the latex naughty nurse type?  That doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up with the simplest accessories, bringing your lingerie (and playroom) to a whole new level of fun.

Blush Lingerie

The schoolgirl and school teacher are still amongst the bigger of sexual fantasies with guys.  From what I can tell, it’s more about recapturing their youth, than actually being with someone of those respective ages.  Indulge him with a cut- away (DIY) school girl skirt and one of his crisp white shirts.  Throw in a pair of glasses for that more intellectual appeal.  Lingerie:

Simone Perele Lingerie

Blushing brides are still a hot thought with men of all ages.  Make HIM gush! A veil, a garter and maybe a transparent top is all you will need.  All can easily be found in many vintage shops even the transparent gloves (which you can turn into fingerless – how naughty). Lingerie:

Grenier Lingerie

Like today’s pop icons such as Dita Von Teese, burlesque “Moulin Rouge” themes still work.  Get one of these cut pill box hats with the veil at , throw on a garter belt and a bustier (every woman should have one) like this from Grenier Lingerie. A pair of stay-ups and long black or red gloves help to complete the look.


Take a piece from your everyday wardrobe and turn it into an even sexier look.  Be the only lady necessary in his Harem with a flowing transparent top, a few bling-gling belts and chains and a big silk scarf for his belly dancing pleasure.  Clothing: Parasuco.

To be continued…

All photos: Jimmy Hamelin

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