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Luv U Always Leggings

I always get excited when young designers are inspired to create something that they know their friends will love. I can’t count the number of times my friends and I have discussed awesome ideas for clothing or accessories, however, none of us have had the opportunity to create them. Luv U Always is a collection of leggings designed by 18-year-old twin sisters Tara and Gabrielle Garbarino. These girls have taken leggings a step further, creating a style with a low rise waist,  an elongated leg that extends over your ankle, and adjustable zippers. They seem to be very in touch with what their market is looking for, which is why they have created a design that gives your legs an extra-long look. Regardless of whether or not you are one who swears by leggings, leggy-looks are something that all women desire and Luv U Always gives you just that.  I had a chance to ask Tara some questions about the Luv U Always line, her partnership with her sister, and why leggings have become so popular.

What is your inspiration for your unique design?

Gabi and I love this style of leggings and jeans. When we used to find this style in stores (which is rare), we would practically live in them! So we decided to make our own! We found a pattern maker and started our designs.

How do you like working together as sisters?

I love working with Gabi. We discuss ideas about materials and details to put on our leggings. I’m usually the one who comes up with the ideas and then I run them by Gabi, who adds her own input.

What fabrics do you use for leggings and are there any textures or fabrics you want to use in the future?

The materials for our basic leggings are Denim, Bamboo Jersey, ‘Eurojersey’, and Knit Denim.  These basic materials will always be available. In the future, we will be working with different types of ‘pleather’ material in order to create an edgy look.

It seems that leggings have replaced pants completely for many people.  Why do you think they have become so popular?

Leggings have become versatile; you can dress them up or dress them down. Our leggings can be matched with a blazer and heels to dress them up or with a pair of Converse sneakers to dress them down. With the zipper/slit bottoms, they always give you that sexy long legged look.

Where do you see yourselves headed in the next few years?

In the next few years, we want to expand our business and try different styles and materials. We are very interested in making bottoms, especially legging-like pants. We are working on a web site to be able to provide our product all over the world. We’re also really excited to see where Simms Sigal and Wilshire will take our brand!

Luv U Always leggings come in long or short lengths (the ‘short’ length is still long enough to give girls with shorter legs the same look as longer legged girls). Their prices range from $75-$95.

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  1. to the webmaster:
    the above article on leggings is extremely poorly written.
    there are grammatical errors and the sentences are poorly structured.
    It takes away your site’s credibility, and I advise you hire someone who actually knows how to write.

  2. Love the leggings with the zipper – how far up does the zipper go?

  3. luvualwaysleggings says:

    the zip goes all the way up the leg, although the zip opening only opens as much as the other styles. You can open the zipper all the way up the leg but the bamboo material is sewn under the zip so when you open beyond the bottom slit there is fabric underneath!

  4. stephany says:

    These are really cute! where are they being sold?

  5. Stephanie says:

    I am opening a ladies sports apparel store in Victoria BC in August. I am interested in selling your leggings. Do you have anyone selling them already in Victoria? Could you send me a wholesale price list please?

  6. I really like the leggings!
    they look really unique and nice
    where are they sold ??

  7. Can these be bought online or in Edmonton, Alberta? Thanks

  8. Hello!!
    Luv u Always can be found all around Canada… please go onto our website at and click on “where to buy” there is a list of stores that sell them! You can also purchase them direct from our website!!

    Thank u <3


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