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Charlie and Lee: A Fashionable Duo

She’s been a fashionista since I met her, which goes all the way back to grade 8. He’s a talented artist, photographer and art direction genius.

Together they make Charlie and Lee, a beautifully presented new retail space in Victoria, BC. Kleah Graham and Joshua Michnik have an eye not only for each other (the two are engaged, insert the awwws here) but also for hot, young and upcoming brands like Kova & T, American Retro, Maurie & Eve, Seneca Rising and much, much more. Stepping inside you almost feel like a piece of New York has been brought to this gorgeous West coast island. There are brick walls, high ceilings and brands that are very hard to find anywhere in BC. Since they have a whole 2000 sq. foot space at their disposal, they added a photo studio space in the back for Josh and his work. They worked extremely hard to perfect the store in every aspect and finally had their grand opening on May 8th. Catered with Kleah’s golden Martha Stewart skills, guests enjoyed a 30% discount and a chance to see the stock before anyone else.

Knowing these two, even though this is their first retail venture I foresee more coming. And if you’re from out of town, no worries, they just launched their online store, check Charlie and Lee’s website for updates.

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