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Back 2 Now ft. Chloe Comme Parris

Black Woven Alpalca dress made with cotton and alpalca - Vintage Style Fashion

This week, I have decided to spice it up a bit, instead of profiling vintage style fashion, I am shedding some light on a new up and coming Canadian designer.

A childhood friend of mine named Chloe Gordon is a student at the Nova Scotia school of Art and Design where she studies textiles and design. She has just recently launched her own website debuting her collection.

Leather dagger earrings all made out of recycled leather or suede clothing - Vintage Style Fashion

Hand woven Ikat dress dyed in indigo with yellow and pink undertones, made from 100% cotton - Vintage Style Fashion

Chloe exudes creativity and uniqueness within her designs.  Her collection embodies the natural environment that gives her work a very relaxed and hippie-esque feel to it.

All of the clothing and textiles are hand made using a lot of recyclable and natural materials. Her new collection is coming out this September, along with her sister Parris’s jewelry line so keep an eye out for it.

These fringe jackets  feature hand screened printed patterns on wool panels. 100% deer hide fringe. Made from 100% cotton nylon - Vintage Style Fashion

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