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All Aboard! HOSS Intropia Fall 2010

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with a company to release the Fall 2010 collections for many of their brands.  One which stood out for me that I thought women do not nearly know enough about was HOSS Intropia.

For Fall 2010, the Spanish clothing brand suggests that we take a trip on the Orient Express! The collection is inspired by the various females embarking on the East to West journey.  For such a voyage, HOSS Intopia offers up a modern mix of light and fluid fabrics, which represent the femininity of the collection, and the contrast of cashmeres, wools and herringbone, which represent the warmth.

The line is extremely diverse, interchangeable and has no trouble taking you through a long and busy day. Combining the sober chic of European cities with the whimsy and excess of the East, I found the collection to be complete and also featured some to-die-for accessories.

HOSS Intropia showcases the usual fall palette of greys, stone and navy but punches up the vibrancy quotient with red and green.

Supermodel Carmen Kass is the face for the Fall 2010 campaign, which was shot in her home town of Tallinn, Estonia.

HOSS Intropia can be found at select premium boutiques and luxury stores. To know more about this brand, checkout them online.

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  1. I just snet this eamil. I would like a jacket that a store in Philadlephia did not order in the large size. It is a swater/jacket with nylon sleeves. Where can I purchase it int he United States?? Thank you.

    barbara forer

  2. Anna Kemper says:

    I would like to find out names of Hoss Intropia retailers in the US. I am specifically looking for the angora vest that crosses in the front with a leather sash. An Atlanta store on Taigan carried it but it is sold out. Any ideas or leads would be much appreciated!

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