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Winter Uniform: Are Canada Goose jackets the new UGGs

They are warm, colorful, everyone has them, and not very flattering. By this description alone, you can see where I am drawing the parallels’ of Canada Goose jackets to UGGs. I’m not knocking either product because I do believe they serve their purpose but I must admit that I am astonished with how much of a phenomenon these jackets have become. They are the must have (on) for every high school and university student, especially, the curse of the “double goose on the rocks”; a person sporting a CG Jacket and CG fur hat.  What really boggles my mind, is there must be a sh*tload of geese, no I’m kidding, what really boggles me is how many people are actually able to afford these jackets. Granted, similar to UGGs there are a lot of knock offs or fakes (caveat emptor: Don’t buy them off ebay, especially if they are coming straight from China), but still they range from $400.00 to $800.00.

I am a firm believer that a winter coat is an investment piece and that it’s main purpose is to keep you warm, so in that sense Canada Goose does its job, but I also think this fad shows us how label conscious we are becoming. Kids and teenagers only want Canada Goose, because that is what everyone else is wearing and you don’t want to be THAT KID in your old North Face. It was really interesting last week when I was at my friend’s birthday, and we were a group of about 20 and only one person had a Canada Goose Jacket. We are all University graduates and most of us are in the workforce or post grad schools, which is really interesting because on the flipside I was at female friends birthday who are all in University and I walked into the vestibule and there must have been every single pair of UGGs in all shapes and sizes and a pile of Canada Goose Jackets. Which brings up the question of my next article “When are we too old to wear certain items”.

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  1. I would personally prefer to be that kid with a different jacket but hey… maybe its just age and wisdom speaking here. Thanks for expressing out loud what I’ve been thinking each time I get on the bus/metro on my way downtown

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