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Welcome to the Blogosphere

Blogging. It’s a phenomena that started in the early 2000’s, and has slowly revolutionized user content on the internet. More and more, I find myself filling every unused moment with surfing the web; jumping from blog to go-to blog. Not only has it made procrastination, and time-killing a skillful art, but it’s also changed the way that people share creative ideas and inspiration. In the world of fashion, blogging has brought about a “street-style” renaissance, with personal style being influenced not only by the designer collections strutting down the runway, but by a collective appreciation of personal aesthetic from all over the world. With blogs like The Sartorialist, Facehunter, and Jack and Jil garnering thousands upon thousands of hits a day, diverse and exciting inspiration is literally right at your finger tips.

Toronto is chock full of stylish folk and lucky for us, they’re sharing the wealth with their very own websites/blogs/tumblr’s and e-zines. I gathered a few of my favorite internet personalities to find out what inspires them, and what blogs tickle their fancies. Two simple questions, five diverse answers.

Sarah Magwood -

1) Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you, what do you do, and what inspired you to start your website?

A: I am a vintage retailer, designer, event planner, photographer, and blogger who does interior design full-time at Trianon in Toronto. I started my business a year and a half ago, but I didn’t start the site for six months. At first, I was just sharing images from the various events I planned, but it quickly evolved into a site about Toronto’s creative scene – designers, artists, retailers, events – and I’ve recently started covering other cities as well, like New York. is my take on our local culture.

2) What blogs are you addicted to?

A: I love blogs about personal style, vintage, and interior design. I read sites with as much personality as their writers and I’m especially drawn to bloggers that take their own photos. Some of my top blogs are:

The Nail and the Cyclops

Miss Pandora

Style Bubble

The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Selby


1.A) So basically, I was born and raised in Toronto, and over the past couple years, I’ve been intensely training as a dancer at Canada’s National Ballet School. Last year I moved to London, England to continue my training, but throughout this time I’ve been dabbling in photography and styling. My idea behind starting a blog was to create a place to display my photography but also to share what I saw amongst my travels. I’ve always felt that I’ve been lucky in surrounding myself with amazing, creative, and interesting people and places, and that it would be a shame not to document it. I wanted to share what I see and how I see it. The “prewash”- yes, it’s a setting on your washing machine, but i think of it as the calm before the chaos. Things are mixing but you can still see each piece before it’s spun into a blur. It’s my mixture of fashion, people, places, and maybe a good party here or there. I’m mostly inspired by my surroundings, and that’s why I have to live in a big city. I feed off the energy and want to express my creativity.

2.A) My favorite blogs are probably unexpected. They’re fairly small but I get excited when they’re updated!

She is Nicotine

McKenzie James

Andrew for Mayor


1.A) I am a 2nd year student at the Ontario College of Art and Design, majoring in Material Art & Desing. the coalescence between fashion, art, and literature has always been a faithful passion of mine, beginning at a very young age. “Gooduse” was created the night after Daul Kim’s suicide, and the name references one of her last posts boasting her breakfast making expertise. Being a practicing artist, I’ve always kept a sketchbook and was interested in the idea of creating a space on the internet, that could be utilized similarly. Daul Kim’s blog and persona were great inspiration to me, and the first few posts are tributes to her after her tragic suicide. With “gooduse” I’m also interested in the idea of a virtual “art gallery”, where images mix with text, literature, and video, combined or separate, sythesized under the title (or theme), which is derived from a topic or phrase that I’m thinking about and want to explore. Hence the line under the header; “criticism and curatorial practice.”

2.A) I’ve been reading less blogs than years prior, but my go-to’s are:

Lurve Notes
They Don’t Call them Lovers in Highschool
The Style Rookie
I Like to Fork Myself
Self Service Magazine


1.A) I’m a 25 year old Interactive Marketer at Holts by day and freelance writer and blogger by night. Right now, I mainly write for Interview Magazine Online, as well as a few other rad pubs you’ll see very soon! I used to live in New York which is when I met Robin Reetz whom I started the blog with. Though she doesn’t really contribute too much of late, it was started as a kind of dialogue between friends about fashion, art, culture, and anything we felt like bringing up rather than a place for me to just talk about me me me (because I hate that). Lately, it’s mainly become a focus for great interviews with some of my favorite industry people like Rachel Comey, Todd Selby and Jeremy Laing as well as showcasing up and coming talent that may have not gotten a shout out anywhere yet.

2) My favorite blogs right now are:


Show Studio

Interview Magazine (because I’m a contributor)

Style (because duh)

V Magazine (because..well…stay tuned!)


1.A) My name is Kevin Naulls and I edit, write and curate the blog, Dressed for Dinner, which features-menswear, events, and- most recently- “Bearded”, a collection of the world’s most fashionably bearded. When I am not working on my own site, I am a fashion writer for Blog TO and the DailyXY. 
I decided to start my own blog over a year ago because I noticed a lack of male writers in Toronto covering the medium. I also absorb media like water and share my opinions with friends, neighbors and strangers in real life, so I thought it made sense to do the same for the internet world.

2.A) If you ever wanted to gain a really clean aesthetic, heavily based in American heritage, then A Continuous Lean is the best blog to read for hours, day, weeks.
- Of course, The Satorialist is always good fashion porn, despite the ever-growing curiosity of industry over REAL PEOPLE.
And since I enjoy all areas of fashion, I don’t limit myself to menswear. Elizabeth Spiridakis of Feels Like White Lightning constantly inspires me with her style. She’s a short gal, with big style.

As for Canadian content? I tend to check out Evan Biddell’s photo blog, quite regularly, and there’s nothing more typically spot-on than Stefani Yarhi’s Toronto TextStyles.


I’ll happily admit it; a large chunk of my little world revolves around my trusty Mac Book. I contribute to this site, maintain a pretty kick ass Tumblr, and of course, have to keep up with the great stuff floating around on these, and many more of my favourite sites. So readers, consider this a beginners guide to the new and revolutionized interweb. Take a gander at these sites, and the one’s that inspire them, and join me in the user-friendly world of the blogosphere.

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