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U of T Campus Street Style

U of T Street Style

As much we hate to be the eight-hundredth bloggers to drop the term “recessionista”… If there’s one thing to be said about students in Toronto, it’s that they know how to look great while still leaving their wallets full enough to buy text books.  A polished, classic look can be put together with a few key pieces that won’t break the bank.

U of Toronto Student Style

Babe alert!! Lora shows here how throwing on a studded blazer from the budget-friendly, fashion gold-mine ZARA can dress up a t-shirt and the pair of jeans you’ve had in your closet forever.  Add a scarf or basic ballet flats and this jacket will last you right through the season and then some.

U of Toronto Street Style

Let’s be honest, “street-style spotting” can be a great way to chat up all the cute boys strolling the streets of Toronto. The ones we noticed most? Guys sporting tailored oxford shirts, slick jeans, and their grandpa’s loafers.

PS Mike: We’re both single. (Shameless)

U of Toronto Style

Alex here is, simply put, rad. She adds her own personality to the pieces we all admire while window-shopping the stores on Queen West. Our favorite this fall season? The harem pants which she pairs with a basic leather jacket and a killer ring.

U of T Style

Mick and Anastasia are doing grunge – in a good way – mixing DIY studded motorcycle boots with distressed denim. Daniel Desario and Kim Kelly, is that you? (Freaks and Geeks may you R.I.P.) Hey readers, with a little dedication you can make thrift-store finds look this awesome too.


How cute is xxx?  Students might be tempted to throw on hoodies and sweatpants when trekking to their 8am class,  but she gets through her three-hour lecture looking great in a cozy knit and her favourite jeans.  Keep the comfort without looking lazy.

To sum it up, these students went back to school looking anything but basic.  In the words of the craziest fashionista of all, Toronto street fashion is “shutting it down”.   We die.

Until next time…

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  1. Congrats babe, everything looks great!!

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  3. amazing!

  4. All-You-Need-Is-Love says:

    Lovin’ what I see! Awesome job- can’t wait til next blog! You’ve really captured Toronto fashion.

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