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True to Blue


Picture this: two girls fighting in a Laundromat over jeans! Yes I said it…jeans! You find that hard to believe? If it’s any of this season’s picks, I’d snatch a chick up too. Fit, fit and I’ll say it again, fit, is oh the rage nowadays and let’s face it honey, no one needs to see if your choice of undwear is lace, cotton or non existent.

First we have Rock & Republic. These jeans come in a medium-blue wash which is perfect for spring summer 09. Splashes of color with footwear, accessories or a nicely fitted tee will surely make waves. Denim plusses: mid-rise makes for a comfortable fit and a newly designed back pocket will draw attention to that tush you’ve been working out all winter.


Rich and Skinny is a force to be reckoned with. Slim fitted denim will compliment any slender figure and accentuate all the right places. A subtle fade wash is also a heavy hitter, it’s that wear it anywhere denim.

Miss Sixty is sooo necessary! This is the ultimate cigarette cut (I don’t know about you but I hate when skinny jeans bunch at the ankle). Cropped just short of the ankle, this denim perfectly displays that stiletto that you’ve been dying to wear all winter (or that daring tattoo that you just got on your freshly pedicured feet). A light washed denim works its’ slightly rock star design.


Finally, MRS. BEYONCE really did it this year for Dereon. I “heart” the stretch of these jeans that give you that 30 second booty lift (sans surgery) lol. I ordered these in a dark denim wash perfect for a dinner or a night on the town.

MMMens, nothing boring about these picks and designers are really doing a number on mens clothing nowadays, selection is the word of the day peeps.


Let’s start with Sean Combs, or as he is now addressed Sean John. 3 freaking 60 (gasp) turn around. No mo’ larger than life cuts, it’s all about the fitted (which adds a more versatile look) allowing anybody to be Diddyfied, work that sexy swagger!

I “heart” this next pick for men. Edwin (remember back in the days at like Zellers right)…not no more! Back with a bang, Edwin opts for a more Euro feel, which works for me.


Rock & Republic does it! Rock this denim with a fitted V-neck tee and a light leather jacket and you’re in business.

My motto this season is: if it’s denim, get in em’!

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