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Toronto Fall Fashion (Part 1)

As we abandon the patios and put away our favorite sandals, it seems obvious that autumn approaches. And yes, we all love our hard-earned tans and cut off jean shorts… But as I delve into my closet and push aside the flirty summer dresses, I recall my wonderful love affair with fall fashion. Over the summer, we forget all about our smooth leather jackets, chunky knit sweaters, thigh-high socks, and best of all, our boots! But, as the cold creeps closer and closer, it seems only necessary that we consider incorporating key fall items into our daily outfits.

These three lovely ladies were spotted walking down College Street on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Their outfits caught my eye, as they managed to capture the essence of both summer and early fall. Although their bare legs and flats suggest warmer days, their jackets imply an acceptance of changing seasons. Their colour choices also manage to invoke a feeling of fall, with a palette of burnt orange, red, faded grey/greens and browns that reflect the colours of changing leaves in the city.

This cute ensemble really caught my eye (how could it not?) as I strolled through University College. The contrast of canary yellow next to dark brown leather really impressed me, as the colour combination is not common, yet looks great and manages to be seasonally conscious. Paired with a chunky necklace and casual converse kicks, the overall confidence exuded by this young lady shone even brighter than her silk top. It’s always wonderful to see women taking risks with their personal style, and I think this outfit perfectly exemplifies her young, playful demeanor while showing a self-assurance and poise.

The moment I spotted her adorable pixie cut, I knew I had to stop this young woman on the St. George sidewalk. Not only is her red “do” very cute in a Carey Mulligan way, but her pairing of a knit cardigan, frilly blouse, wool pencil skirt and stockings with booties was just spot-on. Although her hairstyle exudes a playful attitude, her outfit says “I’m an educated lady who likes to read Chaucer and drink tea”, am I right? Her outfit also hints at her preparation for the cold months ahead, as she embraces fall fashion to the fullest while managing to incorporate her own Twiggy-esque style.

As I approached this fashionable specimen, I quickly decided that I appreciated her look. Although it may seem more understated than the others, she has managed to combine current trends with practicality, producing an outfit that implies an effortless cool. The muted earth tones of her tank and military jacket pay tribute to approaching autumn hues, while her tight jeans balance out the over-sized items and show off her little legs. Also, I fully appreciate her worn-in black booties, as they pull together the outfit but also look incredibly comfy. Although I love my strappy summer heels, I certainly look forward to slipping on my favourite pair of boots that seem to last through every fall/winter…

So, as summer comes has come to a close and we feel bummed out, just remember that your old friends wool, leather, mohair, and suede are waiting to embrace you. And if you really miss the bright shades of summer style, then incorporate them into your outfits! Just remember to find a balance between seasonal practicality and subtle bursts of color (consider the yellow blouse and brown leather jacket discussed above…) Point being, fall fashion is an opportunity to experiment with layering and lengths and colors and textures, so love it and enjoy it!

Until next time, folks.


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