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The Savior to Stanky Feet

As you know I have recently been hyping up boat and barefoot shoes as an alternative to sandals. However, I am the first to admit that it may sometimes create the very nasty problem of smelly feet, or even a solid case of athlete’s foot (guilty!). I have a pair of shoes that I have had to literally change the leather sole of because they smelt so bad.  You can find many shoe deodorizers and sprays on the market, but I worked at Brown’s shoe stores (hence my affinity for footwear) for three years and can tell you that all those products are temporary.

So let me introduce you to Mocc sock & Co.: The savior of smelly feet. It is a barely there sock that covers the toes and lower heel just enough to give the illusion of being barefoot without all the nasty side effects.  I have always worn low cut socks, to the point that I once almost got kicked out of class in high school because my teacher thought I wasn’t wearing any. Nevertheless, with a lower cut shoe or boat shoe, my socks would dramatically stick out or stretch the shoe. I also always hated when I went to someone’s house and I would be barefoot, as I find it a bit disrespectful and dirty. Once I found out about these Mocc socks I immediately ordered a five-pack within three minutes. They are a bit pricey, but think of them as an investment for a good summer outfit; One pair is $8.00, a three-pair is $20 and a five-pair is $30, plus shipping and handling. You must also check out their website for a comical slide show of those who have committed the crime of wearing socks and low shoes.

(Side note: As I was getting the pictures for this post, the website has already admitted to being out of stock due to high demand, so try and get in on their second shipment around the end of June.)

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