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Thank you Frosty!!

Well it is official! Winter has made its rude – and unwelcome by most – introduction to this part of the world.  It’s a time to go skiing, ice skating, tobogganing or, if you’re like me, a time to stay inside and watch everyone else from the warm side of the window with a big cup of hot chocolate mixed with Baileys. I honestly don’t do winter, but if I must…. I am fashionable while doing it and my favorite winter accessory is THE WINTER HAT!

Hated by most but the most necessary during this time of fluffy white grass and abnormally cold wind shield factors (burr), hats come in all shapes and sizes. I recommend anything that keeps you warm really, but for those of us who are style conscious and wouldn’t dare to be caught dead in grandmas knitted surprise Christmas present, here are my picks:

The Russian Hat: Fit for a Siberian snow storm, our winters would be no match for this hat. I love fur and I always buy second hand, but for those of us who are completely against it, there are faux fur options as well.

The Aviator: More of a casual look, it comes with built in earmuffs to keep your ears warm and is perfect for a day out with friends and family (but you might have to keep asking people to repeat what they said).

The Toque: Covering the parts that are necessary, this hats gives warmth and style. And because there are so many variations, styles and colours, this is a great option.

Hoodie Scarf: The word ingenious sums it up.

Last but certainly not least… A ski mask. When it’s this cold, all you really need to be able to do is breathe!! (I’m joking, by the way.)

Stay warm and stylish, and till next time!

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